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Retired Gentlemen (The RGs)


This section, as the title implies is for the over 60s, the retired men, seniors, or veterans of the club.  They are titled “The RGs”

Competitions are held each Monday morning (Tuesdays after Bank Holidays) starting between 8.00 and 8.30 a.m. depending on the season.  They are mainly stablefords but medals throughout the year and competitions for a variety of trophies and an eclectic competition are held during the summer months.  Members of other sections are welcome to join in these competitions.  However, because RGs play off yellow tees and they off the white tees, two shots are added to their score.  They also have to have a club handicap and play in at least three other competitions before they can win a trophy.    Occasional competitions are held with and against the Ladies Section and 5 day sections.

The Captain’s dinner is held in November each year.  The AGM is held in January when the section captain and a committee are elected

The programme of matches against other clubs has been depleted over recent years, mainly due to them or us failing to raise teams.  We are currently arranging a new portfolio against other clubs in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

A casual group of RGs meets on  Wednesday mornings at 9.30 a.m. to play stablefords over 9 or 18 holes.  They are known as the “Wednesday Wrinklies”. They often visit other courses, for a change of scenery.  They have an annual overnight stay in September at a club with accommodation with two rounds and dinner.  An after Christmas dinner and a summer lunch, with wives are
also arranged.


RG's Officers & Committee


Section Captain Allan Tyler  01342 322380 Email: a.tyler@talktalk.net
Vice Captain  Jon Bracher    
Past Captain  Dennis Notridge    
Secretary  Watt Kilpatrick 01883 723514 Email: watcat@ntlworld.com
Treasurer & Handicap Secretary Norman Jones    
Competitions Secretary Peter Medlock 01732 866241  
Without portfolio Martin Banks   Email: medlock584@btinternet com